Wednesday, October 24, 2007

It has been too long!!

With the jobs of motherhood and teaching this is the first opportunity since school started for me to hop onto my blog. I have created only a few cards since my last post. I am hoping to get into my stride with school and my beautiful baby, so I can continue creating cards for the ones I love.

I am going to be teaching a papercrafting class beginning tomorrow afternoon to a group of 19 8th graders. Yes, I know...I am a music teacher. They wanted to spice things up a bit for the 8th graders with classes like quilting, claymation, traveling the world and music composition using new music software. This is my first year teaching an 8th grade arts class, so the other music teacher had some great plans to engage those kids. I am up for something different. Biggest issues...planning and cost. You know what I mean!!

Hope to post some of the things that we are creating along with my own creations!

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