Sunday, March 25, 2007

Cuttlebug Crazy!!

Thanks to DH for forwarding to his family my birthday gift request I now have a Cuttlebug! I know that sounds horrible..."birthday gift request", but generally DH is always asking what I want, his family is asking him what I want and a lot of times the message never gets out. This time it did!!! How awesome! My SILs Loretta and Shari went in together to get me this great gift. From what I understand from Loretta it was quite a fiasco finding it not to mention finding a store that would honor the coupon and have the product.

I didn't have any dies/embossing envelopes until yesterday when DH and I headed to Columbus to return/exchange so baby items before I was unable to do so. Conveniently enough, there is a Michael's right next to Babies r' Us and a Joann's right down the road from Michael's. Both carry the Cuttlebug accessories, however, I found that Joann's prices are at least $1 less per item than Michael's. In addition, all of Joann's Cuttlebug accessories were 25% off. (Bonus!) Because I stopped at Michael's first and purchased one embossing folder, then headed to Joann's I had to make a return trip that same day to return the more expensive one to Michael's. I totally wore myself out!

When I got home yesterday afternoon, I (took a nap first) decided to break out the EF (embossing folders) and try them on a few different paper thicknesses and some metal.
Patterned Paper: Likes to crinkle a bit unless you put a little bit larger piece in the folder. This was a fairly thin patterned paper. Firmer PP may not yield the same result.

SU Cardstick: Perfect. Nice and firm paper with deep impressions

SU Metallic CS: Nice firm paper with deep impression, however, the faint squares on the EF showed through slightly on the finished product.

Metal Adhesive Duct Tape: A bit thin, but still a great impression. Not sure how well the impression will stay after adhered to project.

Copper Flashing: Wonderful deep impression on this firm surface. Again as with the SU Metallic CS the faint squares/rectangles on the EF made an impression on the finished product.

I am so excited to keep experimenting with the dies and embossing folders as well as trying various brands of the same products with the Cuttlebug. As the result of my first review I am completely "impressed".


Michelle said...

Ooohhhh! Congrats on your new Cuttlebug!

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