Tuesday, January 01, 2008

What a Wonderful Christmas!!

Everyone is doing much better here. We have all recovered from sinusitis and me from that and bronchitis. What fun! However, we managed to finally get the Christmas cards out and have a wonderful holiday.

This was Liam's first Christmas! He was a little to young to fully appreciate all the excitement of unwrapping presents. Although, he loved swimming in the wrapping paper when we are at his Grandma and Papaw's Sweeney's for Christmas Eve. We were fortunate enough to have Christmas Day at our house. My parents, brothers, aunt and uncle, cousins and in-laws were here. We had a potluck sort of meal, which was nice so everyone could bring a favorite holiday dish. Lots of variety! Our third Christmas was at Mitch's Aunt Diane and Uncle Ross's house on the 29th, which was for his mother's side of the family. Also, a potluck sort of arrangement with the ever popular gumbo shimmering on the stove when we arrived.

We have been truly blessed this year with the birth of our son, our financial stability and the health of our family. I can only hope and pray these precious gifts in this new year. Love to all of those who we were unable to see. Keep checking this site and Liam's site for updates. As those of you with little ones know, it is difficult to get away to the computer and actually collect your thoughts long enough to write something. I will try my best!


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