Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Snow Fun

On Monday night after Mitch and I went to bed we heard a thump against the upstairs bathroom window followed soon after by a similar thump on the patio door downstairs. Mitch decided to get up and check our mysterious thump. Mitch
called me downstairs to see his discovery, which was a tiny,
so cute, auburn colored owl. It was sitting on our back deck, rather stunned from hitting the windows I assume, in the snow. Absolutely gorgeous! He/she was a saw-whet owl, which is a pretty small owl about the size of a little soccer ball...a little bit larger than a softball. The photo is by Bob Jacksy from Northwest Ohio Nature. I wasn't quick enough to grab my camera and his photo is very similar to what our little friend looked like.

My other pic for today is a photo of Liam and Mitch sledding in all of the lovely snow we have gotten in the past few days. I am betting that I will have some more winter photos tomorrow given all of the snow we are getting from our current winter storm warning. My car is setting a bit wonky in the driveway because I couldn't make it up the driveway all the way. ;)

Happy Sledding!

Liam is starting to have fun.

Liam & Daddy after sledding.


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