Saturday, February 20, 2010

Goodies and a Gift

Just thought I would share a few goodies that papercrafters may appreciate in addition to beautiful handmade items by Kerry. (Right now I am over the moon that she is going to show me some sewing projects next weekend!!)

The gorgeous bag Kerry made for me!!!

The reversible bibs that match the bag.

Got this ribbon at Hobby Lobby. It was a grab bag of 30 yards for $1.99!

Found these at Joann's as Kerry was helping me pick fabric for next weekend.
They are 5" X 5" swatches of fabric for quilting projects that come in coordinated groupings.
Three of each pattern fabric with ten different designs per package.
I was picking up fat quarters, then saw these are realized that even though there would be a price difference per yard I really didn't need yards of fabric rather variety in small pieces. On to of that each package of fabric is coordinated! After holding fat quarters to fat quarters to try and coordinate I was relieved to find something brainless on the shelf!!
Perfect! I grabbed three different packages!!


Jen said...

What a fabulous bag! Looks like this could be the inspiration for your card it!

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