Thursday, September 23, 2010

Caden's Birthday...Error

You know those days when you are in a hurry and the best laid plans seems to fall apart at the seams? Sunday was one of those days. I wanted to make my nephew, Caden, a cool robot birthday card using my Cricut Robotz cartridge. After taking a shower, feeding Fiona, and getting everyone ready to go to get to Mass on time, then heading straight down for the birthday party there was little time to create anything. I opted for some great robot paper, cutting his name out with the Cricut and piecing it all together in the car. I grabbed the layers, threw the letters in the Xyron sticker maker and hopped in the car. As I began to peel the letters off of the sticker paper I realized that...most letters have to go a certain direction. Oops! I improvised and decided to turn them all weird directions and write "error' in sharpie at the bottom, then "Happy Belated Birthday" on the inside. What a mess!

My brother-in-law, Jeff, scanned this and cut off the blue base,but was insistent that I share this faux pas with everyone in the blogosphere. So here it is...


lynn said...

you know, you fixed the card wonderfully--looks like it was meant to be that way--cute pic!

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