Friday, June 13, 2014

Distress Ink Storage - Inexpensive Walmart Option

With the end of the school year and the beginning of the summer comes my need to reorganize and/or purge everything in the house. As a result of purging and prioritizing supplies in my craft nook, I realized that I didn't have a very good system for storing my distress ink pads. I use them a lot and would like them to be easily accessible. Formerly, they were in a iris cart drawer, which was only convenient BEFORE I attached foams to the back of the pad case (and accumulated more colors!) There is no room on my desk to put all of them. I checked on pinterest for ideas and saw a hanging jewelry storage bag that looked to perfectly fit the distress inks, so off I went to Walmart for milk and that particular storage bag. In the same aisle right below the hanging bags were these great plastic bins. I assume they are for organizing dresser drawers or some such thing. This one caught my eye because I looked the perfect size for distress pads. Each divider can hold up to 18 pads with foams attached. I printed off labels onto sticker paper from Kristina Werner's site, then cut, attached and made color swatches for each label. They are a wee bit crooked because the foams attached to the backs of each. I don't mind storing them vertically because Jennifer McGuire mentioned in her most recent ink storage video that manufacturers don't think that the storage position of the pad changes its effectiveness.  Big bonus for this storage container....if you have a Raskog cart from IKEA the container fits perfectly with space at the bottom of the tray for tools or paper.


Rebekah said...

What a clever solution! This may be the solution I've needed. Thanks for sharing! :D

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