Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Flower Pens

As a frequent shopper at Archiver's, I am used to signing my credit card receipts with a fun pen from the floral bouquet in a little flower pot by the cash register. During my trip to the store today, I picked up a few groceries (enchilda night!!), bathroom trash cans (Whoever thought the cute metal trash cans with the foot petal were a great idea...think again...oh, I guess that would have been me!) and picked up supplies to make my own floral pen bouquet. Great for on my desk at work or in the craft room, by the phone or even a great
gift! (Mother's Day!)

Based on the quality and variety of materials available one could potentially make some spectacular creations. I may have to try some with glitter and various ribbons. ;)

Green floral tape
Silk flowers (I have some Lady Di silk roses in the basement for my spring decor that I maybe using soon, too.)
Bag of small smooth pebbles (At Archiver's, they used some sort of small bean. I was in the mood for the little pebbles. I would imagine anything small with some weight to it would work.)
Clear glass container (I have seen metal and terra cotta pots used as well.)
Pens (I bought Bic Stick pens. I do prefer RSVP, but this being at experiment .88 for ten pens wasn't going to set me back much.)
Scissors (Utility would work best.)


Martha said...

oh these are wonderful., I make these all the time, but love the idea of bringing some to work ;)

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