Monday, April 06, 2009

Liam's 2nd Birthday

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Our little guy turned two on Friday! How the time has flown! We had a fun birthday weekend with him at Grandma and Papaw Sweeney's on Friday evening and Saturday. On Sunday, we had a birthday bash with both sets of grandparents, aunts and uncles, cousins and some friends.

This was my first experience making a cake, which was a whole other story in itself. Thank goodness Loretta is a great cake maker and bailed me out with some great advice! This year he actually tried to blow out the candle. So sweet! He had to have some "birth-day cak" right away!

We are so thankful for the wonderful gifts that were given by his loving family and friends! I had never seen any Melissa & Doug handmade puzzles and toys until this birthday party...obviously, they are a hot item!

Melissa & Doug wooden tools and Elmer's paint markers w/book (the clean kind) - Grandpa and Nana Born
Melissa & Doug letter/word puzzle - Uncle Ian
Three Melissa and Doug puzzles & embroidered shirts - Grandma and Papaw Sweeney
Monkey Beanbag Chair - Aunt Loretta, Uncle Jeff, Nick, Kamala and Caden
Wooden Trains and Track - Aunt Shari, Uncle Dennis and Sergei
A Cool Outfit (Polo and Pants) - Cousin Heidi
Monkey Lantern, Coat for next winter, audio player - Great Aunt Ann & Uncle Rich
Thomas the Train in a Bath Boat - Christa and Caleb Knight
Two sets of pj's, t-shirt and a golf set - Jeanne and Brian Doan
Little Tikes Basketball Hoop, James the Train & Radio Flyer Tricycle - Ma'i & Da'i

The basketball hoop was literally a "slam dunk". He played for at least 45 minutes straight without stopping. He kept lining his cousins up like he was shooting free throws! lol! His little face was red from running around, jumping and shooting!

I have to say that there isn't a toy that he hasn't played with today. With all of these wonderful gifts I am going to need to sort through his toy box to a bit of toy rotating. ;)

Thanks again for making it such a special birthday! He had the best time as did we!!


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