Sunday, July 10, 2011

Creative Challenge: Shopping Ban Day 1 & Prizes

Today's You Tube Video of Products 

There comes a point one's life as a crafter when you realize you have more than one person really needs to create virtually any project on the planet. Perhaps I am not quite at that point -- check out YouTube and Splitcoaststampers for crafters who have WAY more stuff than I do. It's absolutely crazy! I need to spend less, save more and use more.

With that said, I have started a self-imposed shopping ban beginning today. No crafty purchases online or in a store. How long it will last is not in my plan right now. I want to do this for myself and my family. I would like to use the money I save to convert my craft room into my daughter's bedroom. I love my space and my craft, but I love my family more. I would give this all up for them.

Here are a few caveats...I will still receive my stamps from the two stamp clubs I am in. I made commitments and will stick to them as I dropped them a couple of times when Mitch was laid off. I know...I sound like the priest who gave up all liquids except for water and alcohol...and energy drinks for Lent. True story. lol! Think of me what you will, but this is my personal journey so I can do it anyway I see fit.

My sketchy plan is to create something everyday with what I already have in my stash and post it, along with the items I used, here on my blog. Every time I post a creation I will have a drawing from comments left from that day with a prize from my stash. (Maybe ribbon, stamps, paper, embellishments, etc.) Extra chance in the drawing for creations you post on your blog with items only from your stash. Nothing new allowed! :) You MUST post the direct link of the item on your comment.


Toni K said...

This would be easy for me because I have also imposed a no buy restriction on myself. Partly because I have way too much stuff like you, and I feel terrible that I spent so much money on beautiful things I haven't used. The other reason is the money I no longer have to spend. It's all for the best though :) By the way, this is gorgeous!

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